COVID-19 UPDATE: As of 6/1/2020 Maine Pines can run ONLY the following programs:
Outside Fitness Classes - limited to 9 participants (advance sign-up required), One-on-One Personal Training Sessions with a trainer (advance registration required), HealthySelf Sessions (one-on-one, advance registration required), One-on-one tennis lessons, Tennis Pro Shop (with appointment), and Racquet Stringing (please email Jason at: [email protected] prior to bringing in the racket). Once additional restrictions are lifted, we will let everyone know of hours and protocols. Thank you!


Spinning is a HIGH ENERGY class designed to give you a full workout! Classes may consist of race day simulation, or sets of powerful hills and flats. A great class for the bicycle enthusiast who wants to train all season, or the person who wants to push themselves to their limit!!!! It’s a great cross training exercise as well.


Great way to start your day! A cardiovascular workout on the spin bike, coupled with an upper body toning component and core strengthening. A 45
minute comprehensive class for all levels!

A stationary bike workout that simulates the riding positions used on real road bikes. Participants follow the beat of the music, and transform the energy from the music into powerful pedal strokes. All levels.

This class consists of high intensity interval spinning finished off with a challenging core workout. For all fitness levels.