Maine Pines runs tennis ladders on a seasonal basis.  Ladders are a great way to engage in match play situations amongst other members.

2017 Mixed Doubles Ladder

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Looking for more SINGLES TENNIS play?  We are hoping to make this ladder bigger and better than ever so you have the ultimate in competition and fun!  It is open to all levels. Here is how it works:

The Maine Pines Singles Tennis Ladder is open to players of any level.  You will end up playing people around your general ability level.  The cost to join is $20/member, $25/nonmember, payable at the front desk.  Then you just have to sign up online.  You can either follow the link on the Maine Pines website, or go directly onto and enter ladder #7298.  Once you join the network I will add you to the ladder.

It is a fully automated ladder.  The rules are posted online, but the basics are the following: play begins Jan. 30 and ends May 30.  A player can have no more than two challenges out at a time, and challenges need to be completed within two weeks.  Both players agree upon a time to play and book their court accordingly.  Players will pay their membership rate for the court (Gold Card free, Court fee $15, Non Member $28).  Both players bring a can of balls, and the winner takes the unopened can home. The winner of the match enters the score online, and the computer adjusts the ladder if needed.  You will play according to USTA rules (2 out of 3 sets, 3rd set tiebreaker).

Trophies will be given for the person who ends at the top of the ladder, for the person who make the most improvement on the ladder, the person who plays the most ladder matches, and more!  If you have questions please ask Andrea or email her at [email protected]

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