Pickleball Times
Pickleball times available upon request for groups of 4 or more.


Pickleball at Maine Pines!  Try one of the fastest growing sports in America!  Pickleball is friendlier on your knees, backs and shoulders than Tennis, and is a very easy sport to pick up whether you have a racquet sports background or not.  It is fun, fast paced, good exercise, and very social.  Try it!

We have 4 official courts lined out on tennis court #6 and the nets can be set in place in seconds.


Courts can be booked between 12 PM – 3 PM Monday through Friday, and weekend times available from 12 PM and later.  Courts are not available when a tennis tournament or league may be happening. 

COST: $5 per play, or free if you have a Maine Pines fitness or tennis membership.