COVID-19 UPDATE: As of June 17th, 2020 Maine Pines is officially open for the following:
Tennis – Singles, Doubles, Lessons and Ball Machine. Additional information on other upcoming programs from Jason and Andrea will be sent out through email.
Fitness – The cardio and weight rooms are also open on the fitness side. Limited to 8 in cardio area and 6 in weight room. Machines are space and cleaned and air purification systems are operating continuously. Online fitness classes and outside fitness classes are continuing. We are getting ready to offer a few yoga and spin classes indoors with limited numbers.
Current Hours: Monday – Friday: 6:00 AM to Noon, Monday – Thursday: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Pickleball Times
Pickleball times available upon request for groups of 4 or more.


Pickleball at Maine Pines!  Try one of the fastest growing sports in America!  Pickleball is friendlier on your knees, backs and shoulders than Tennis, and is a very easy sport to pick up whether you have a racquet sports background or not.  It is fun, fast paced, good exercise, and very social.  Try it!

We have 4 official courts lined out on tennis court #6 and the nets can be set in place in seconds.


Courts can be booked between 12 PM – 3 PM Monday through Friday, and weekend times available from 12 PM and later.  Courts are not available when a tennis tournament or league may be happening. 

COST: $5 per play, or free if you have a Maine Pines fitness or tennis membership.

Adult Pickleball 123 Clinic: Join us for a 3-week session to learn the fundamental skills of pickleball.  Participants will learn proper techniques for strokes, as well as court positioning and rules.
Times: Tues. 1pm, Fri. noon, Sat. 8am.
Cost: $55

Adult Pickleball Graduate Program: This intermediate 3-month program will help players further knowledge of pickleball strokes, positioning, strategy, and match play. Four clinics are included.
Times: Tues 2pm, Fri 1pm, Sat 11am.
Cost: $189

Junior Pickleball Clinic: This introductory junior pickleball clinic will teach kids ages 11-18 the fundamentals of the sport in a month-long clinic.
Time: Sat 12pm.
Cost: $40/4-week session

Open Pickleball Times: Open pickleball play will be offered Tuesday’s 9am-12pm & 5pm-9pm, Thursday’s 9am-12pm, Friday’s 5-7pm, Sunday’s 10am-12pm

Pickleball Ladder: Sign up for our Pickleball ladder! Play time is set up between the picklers, and scores input online.  Sign up at the front desk.
Cost: $15 + any court fees.

Pickleball Lessons: Join our certified coaches for skills and strategy development.
See brochure for pricing. 

Pickleball Events: Mix and mingle at social events or go all in with a pickleball tournament. Watch the Maine Pines calendar and Facebook page for details.